Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will an automatic sprinkler system do as well as I can when I water by hand?

A. Automatic sprinkler systems are more effective than watering by hand, no matter how good you are at watering. Automatic systems can spread the exact right amount of water across the lawn at periods of time decided by you. With the countless chores we each have to do every day; most people get busy and may forget to water regularly. An automatic sprinkler system will always water, even when you are out of town.

Q. Will the system use more water than I normally use?

A. No. It actually saves water, because it will prevent runoff from over-watering or a mistake like forgetting to completely turn off the hose. Additionally, it has the ability to sense when it is raining and how moist the ground is and will turn off if extra watering is not necessary.

Q. Will an irrigation system save me time and effort?

A. Absolutely. If you install an irrigation system, you will never need to spend time watering your lawn by hand, which is a tedious and time-consuming task that few people enjoy. The system will automatically water the lawn, so you do not even need to think about it. You can forget about watering and your lawn will still look beautiful.

Q. Do we need a system even though we get a lot of rain?

A. Yes. It is dangerous to rely on rain to keep your lawn healthy. It does not rain regularly or evenly, and consistent watering is important for a developing lawn. Your lawn can suffer damage and begin to dry up after even just a few days of no rain. It is highly unlikely that it will consistently rain the exact amount necessary for a lawn to stay healthy. Since the system automatically turns off if rain has adequately watered the lawn, you do not run the risk of overwatering, but the system will compensate for dry spells when there is no rain.

Q. How do I choose the right system?

A. There is a long list of factors to consider when choosing an irrigation system. It is a difficult choice to make without the proper training. Advantage Irrigation has extensive experience and knowledge about every type of irrigation system. We can come and look at the soil on your property, the different elevations, and all other factors that play a part in irrigation. We have spent years learning about irrigation systems and can help you pick the one that is optimal for you and your lawn.

Q. Can I save money by installing an irrigation system myself?

A. No. It is not advisable to try installing an irrigation system without a trained professional, even if you are handy and take care of other maintenance issues on your property. Though it may seem like the most cost-effective option, in most cases people end up spending even more money when they try to do it themselves, because they make a mistake that leads to a costly issue. Trust the professionals. You will most likely need to hire a professional to fix a mistake if you attempt to do it yourself. At Advantage Irrigation LLC, one of the many services we offer is installation. We have 17 years of experience with Rochester lawns and know all the common mistakes and how to avoid them. Spending the money upfront to do it right the first time will save you from spending a large sum later to repair the damage.

Q. How much damage will the installation do to my lawn?

A. None. Trained irrigation specialists know how to install a system without damaging a lawn. We use a machine called a vibratory plow that lets our crew lay plastic pipes underground without needing to dig ditches and make a mess of your lawn. Our work will have no effect on the visual appeal of your lawn. We have extensive experience completing a project without tearing apart a client’s property.

Q. How complicated is the system? Will I be able to operate it myself?

A. Irrigation systems of today are extremely easy for anyone to operate. They are meant to be quite simple, so people can operate them at home without always needing to call a service. After installing the system, we can program the controller to whatever your desired water schedule is. Once we program it, you do not have to do anything unless you want to change the setting, which you can easily achieve with the detailed instructions on the inside of the controller. If you are having any trouble with re-programming your system, you can always call us, and we will come by and take care of everything for you.

Q. Will the installation effect my buried cable TV or telephone lines?

A. Absolutely not. We understand how inconvenient it is when workers come in and accidentally damage your cable TV or telephone lines. We try hard to complete our work without disrupting your daily life. One of the first things we do when we arrive at a site and begin preparing for an installation is to identify where the cable TV and telephone lines are. We outfit our trucks with technology designed specifically to track cable and telephones lines underground. We clearly mark where they run, so that each team member can easily avoid damaging them during the process.

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